We provide Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Annual maintenance Contract (AMC) designed to help protect customer medical and laboratory equipment to be in good condition at all the time under our personal care. To meet customers specific needs and budgets, we have specially designed it to be a fully customized Service Agreement. We provide AMC & CMC for Medical and Laboratory equipment supplied OEM’s and vendors who do not provide this support for any reasons.

AMC = It includes only service charges and visit charges of instrument. Spare’s cost is always extra. 

CMC = It includes Service charges + visit charges + Spares

The main features of the above 2 features include equipment inventory archiving and monitoring, follow up on scheduled maintenance, corrective maintenance, user training, data analysis, and reports.

The Medical Equipment Management Plan defines the mechanisms for interaction and oversight of the medical equipment used in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of

Medical Equipment Management (MEM)