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Address: 119, 4th floor, Sishan House Shahpur Jat, New Delhi-110049
Address: 119, 4th floor, Sishan House Shahpur Jat, New Delhi-110049

Consona Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

10+ Years Of Expertise

We have qualified and experienced team of Bio-Medical engineers working 24X7. Consona Healthcare is equipped with a state-of-the-art Service Centre and modern facilities to serve all its customers’ needs.

Why Consona Healthcare

We have qualified and experienced Bio-Medical engineers. Consona Healthcare is equipped with state-of-the-art Service Centre to serve its customers. We also maintain adequate stocks of spares in our inventory to meet the clients’ requirement. It is the endeavour of Team Consona to keep its client stay ahead with new technology. We possess strong execution skills, combined with efficiency and commitment providing our its clients, ‘value for money’. We have SOP based service approach that includes sourcing of spares and products.

Qualified and Experienced

Quality Service Centre

24X 7 Services

Modern Facilities

Consona started as a small group with highly motivated professionals having extensive domain knowledge and experience in integrated equipment management and consultancy. Consona’s business strategy lies in its expertise in providing consultancy and technology solutions to its clients empowering them to achieve excellence in delivery of high performance services, creating sustainable value for the customers and stake holders.

Repairs of Laboratories and Hospital Equipment

Levels of Repairs (LOR) For the Repair of Medical and Laboratory equipment, there are 3 levels i.e. (i) Organization Level (Basic Level) of Repair (ii) Intermediate level (I level) of Repair & (iii) OEM Level (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of Repair Of the above 3 levels of repairs we have qualified manager & service engineers and infrastructure to carry out first 2 levels of repairs “ON CALL BASIS”. We also maintain adequate level of spares for the above 2 levels of repairs.

Data Management/Asset Mapping/GPO

Integrated Equipment Management. In recent years, the arrival of ‘big data’ and the Internet of Things have radically transformed equipment management in the service sector especially healthcare. We at Consona understand that effective equipment management can make a major difference to the utilisation of the equipment, allowing hospitals to keep the equipment functional and to allocate assets quickly based on its criticality.
Inspired by the National Digital Health Mission and with the view to develop the backbone necessary to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country, Consona Healthcare through its data management and equipment mapping, facilitates hospitals in keeping record of their equipment. The Integrated Equipment Management System helps the hospitals in digitally accessing real-time records of equipment and promotes prompt and structured us usage of the entire range of inventory.

Calibration and Validation of Lab and Hospitals

Consona provides the service of third-party calibration and validation through accredited companies. Both the exercises are conducted concurrently to ensure complete satisfaction to the user.

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